Elizabeth Levitt

The Story Behind Dri/Kit: Meet Our Founder

Discover the motivation behind Dri/kit and Elizabeth's journey to provide an alternative for those seeking a new way to enjoy cocktails without alcohol.

Alcohol Free corporate gifting Gift Ideas Sober Curious

Corporate Gifting: How to Show Appreciation

Corporate gifting is a beautiful way to strengthen your relationship with clients or employees. After all, who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift? By understanding what...

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Alcohol Free Recipe The Cucumber Lychee Sour

Recipe: The Cucumber Lychee Sour

A cucumber lychee twist on a classic sour meets DIY with four key ingredients. Refreshing, beautiful, and sophisticated. What more do you need? Ingredients: 4oz...

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Alcohol Free Fall Sober Curious Sober October

Sober October: How to Stay on Track

The start of October often brings many emotions. Welcoming a new season allows us time to pause and reflect on what we want to change....

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Alcohol Free Interview Series Sober Curious Sober Socializing

Interview Series: Zero Proofed

Meet Chirasmita and Priyanka, two sisters who redefined what it means to have a fun night out. After exploring their own sober-curious journeys, they wanted...

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Alcohol Free Fall Sober Curious

Sober-Curious Fun Fall Activities

As the air gets crisp and the trees swap their summer wardrobe for cozy hues, it's time to dive into the season of pumpkin spice...

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Alcohol Free Sober Curious Sober Summer

Alcohol-Free Ways to Unwind

Have you ever poured a glass of wine after a long, stressful day and said to yourself, "I deserve this"? We certainly have. But as...

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Interview Series Mental Health Sober Curious

The Story Behind Dri/Kit: Meet Our Founder

There's always a story behind every brand.  Dri/kit was born from a desire to highlight the best dry drinks on the market and bring the...

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Alcohol Free Food Pairings Sober Curious

Non-Alcoholic Food Pairings: The Perfect Combination of Flavors

We’ve all faced the excitement, or in some cases, the stress, of deciding what drink to serve with a meal. When paired correctly, certain flavors...

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Mocktail Recipe The Blue Butterfly

Recipe: The Blue Butterfly

Mix, sip, and drift off into a state of relaxation with The Blue Butterfly. The soothing notes of lavender, blueberry, butterfly pea flower, and tulsi...

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