Non-Alcoholic Food Pairings: The Perfect Combination of Flavors

We’ve all faced the excitement, or in some cases, the stress, of deciding what drink to serve with a meal. When paired correctly, certain flavors of food and beverages work well together and create an even more tasty dining experience. 

Although there are no rules set in stone, there are recommended guidelines to follow. When pairing food and alcohol, you have two main approaches - complementing or contrasting flavors. 

Complementary pairings match similar flavors, enhancing and amplifying each other. Contrasting pairings, on the other hand, balance opposites, creating a harmonious effect. The same goes for pairing food with nonalcoholic drinks. 

We’ve kept it simple for you and compiled a list of our favorite pairings that add a little “wow” factor. These options are perfect for when you want a tasty meal, are hosting a dinner party, or looking to impress that special someone. 

Sparkling Rosé with a cheese board

Rosé with cheese is a match made in heaven. The lively bubbles in the rosé play a little dance with the richness of brie and bread. The result? A delightful taste that lightens the weight of the heaviness of the bite-sized apps. 
Our recommendation: Sovi Sparkling Rosé 4 Pack

Sparkling White with oysters

The sophistication of this combo is undeniable. The subtle saltiness of the oysters finds its perfect match in the delicate bubbles of sparkling white.  You might even find yourself daydreaming of being in a quaint French town as you enjoy this pairing. 

Our recommendation: Sovi Sparkling White 4 Pack

Joyus Cabernet Sauvignon with a burger

It’s time to fire up the grill. Opt for a real meat burger or a vegetarian alternative, and prepare for a sizzlin’ combo of flavors. We recommend adding blue cheese to the burger. The wine's well-balanced tannins play a perfect balancing act with the meat and the blue cheese, elevating your burger experience to another level. 

Our recommendation: The Wine Duo

image credit: What's Gaby Cooking

Joyus Rosé with garlic shrimp rosé pasta

This combo will take you on a Mediterranean-inspired journey of flavors. The bright, fruity notes of the rosé dance gracefully with the garlic-kissed shrimp pasta, creating a symphony of flavors that will transport you straight to the Italian coast. Follow whatsgabycooking’s recipe, and you can’t go wrong! 

Our recommendation: The Wine Duo

The Sunset Spritz with grilled prawn skewers 

The Sunset Spritz mocktail, with its lemony aperitif goodness, finds its perfect match in barbecued prawn skewers. The tangy citrus notes of the mocktail cut through the smoky, grilled goodness of the prawns, creating a tasty harmony that'll make your summer evenings pure bliss.

Our recommendation: The Sunset Spritz

The Spicy Piña with fish tacos

Indulge in tropical vibes no matter where you are. Fish and pineapple - they've been a classic combo since forever, and we're taking it up a notch! The Spicy Piña mocktail brings the heat to the table and pairs delightfully with fish tacos. 

Our recommendation: The Spicy Piña

The Botanist with sushi

Calling all sushi lovers! Whether you're indulging in takeout or channeling your inner sushi chef at home, this pairing will make you feel like a culinary artist. The crisp Blanc de Blancs champagne-like mocktail thanks to its low sugar levels, complements the textures and aromas of sushi. It's a match so perfect you'll be totally zenned out afterward.

Our recommendation: The Botanist

Bubbly red with BBQ chicken pizza

Pizza party, anyone? Time to turn on the wood-fired oven and indulge in a slice of perfection with a bubbly red and BBQ chicken pizza. The tangy notes of barbeque sauce in the pizza pair perfectly with a delicious red.

Our recommendation: The Wine Sampler

Eva's Spritz with lobster rolls and potato chips 

If you’re a seafood aficionado, this combo is for you. Eva's Spritz mocktail has the magical ability to take your lobster rolls and potato chips to the next level of deliciousness. The effervescent aperitif pairs well with salty foods, making this combo a go-to choice for beachside vibes and coastal getaways. 

Our recommendation: The Social Sampler

Spiced Piñarita with shrimp ceviche

Bringing a fiesta to your taste buds, this combo is a burst of bold flavors. The Spiced Piñarita by Parch with its smoky and spicy notes, is the perfect companion to shrimp ceviche. Not a fan of shrimp? Don’t worry, the pineapple-based, botanical-infused mix complements all types of seafood. 

Our recommendation: The Social Sampler

Whether you're hosting a party, enjoying a cozy night in, or just treating yourself because you want to, these pairings will surely enhance your meal. Cheers to sipping, savoring, and sizzling with these delightful mocktail and food combinations!

Written by: Elena Rogers

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