Elizabeth Levitt

The Story Behind Dri/Kit: Meet Our Founder

Discover the motivation behind Dri/kit and Elizabeth's journey to provide an alternative for those seeking a new way to enjoy cocktails without alcohol.

Busting the Nightcap Myth

The nightcap is a staple of the drinking culture. It's often used as an excuse to stay out just a bit longer before heading home...

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Alcohol Free Mocktail Recipe

Recipe: The Lover's Buzz

Heighten your senses, stimulate your mind, and bring on a tingle from head to toe with a cocktail that’ll keep you buzzin’ all night long. ...

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Alcohol Free Dry January Mocktail Sober Curious

Perfecting the Mocktail

A common fear people might have when they become sober-curious is that they are stuck drinking sparkling water or sugary drinks for the rest of...

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Alcohol Free Recipe The Spiced Apple

Recipe: The Spiced Apple

Add a dash of spice to a wintry night. The Spiced Apple is our beautifully crafted winter seasonal favorite with a bourbon alternative base and cozy,...

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Alcohol Free Dry January Sober Curious

A Guide to Dry January

And just like that, a new year has begun! Cue the influx of messages about all the new habits and resolutions you must make to...

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Alcohol Free Dry January Sober Curious

12 Lessons from a Sober Curious Year

Life is full of lessons. Some are learned quickly and easily, while others challenge us more than expected. From small conversations with strangers to turning...

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Dri/kit Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, the air is infused with a sense of magic and joy. Streets and houses are adorned with lights, and familiar...

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Holidays Mental Health Sober Socializing

The Sober Curious Guide for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! This time of year is often associated with festive gatherings, parties, and celebrations where alcohol flows freely. Although the...

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Alcohol Free Recipe The Virgin Mary

Recipe: The Virgin Mary

Switching up a classic never hurt! Our twist on the most iconic daytime cocktail will have you wanting to host weekend brunch at home! Ingredients: 2...

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