Elizabeth Levitt

The Story Behind Dri/Kit: Meet Our Founder

Discover the motivation behind Dri/kit and Elizabeth's journey to provide an alternative for those seeking a new way to enjoy cocktails without alcohol.

Alcohol Free Gift Ideas NA Hostess Gifts Sober Curious

What to Bring to a Get-Together That Isn't Alcohol

You just received an invitation to your friend's birthday party she's hosting at her house. You're excited but have no idea what to bring.  In...

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Date Ideas Sober Sober Dating

5 Alcohol-Free First Date Ideas

You're back on the market and have recently become sober curious.  Ah! A bit nerve-wracking, isn't it?  If you've usually relied on alcohol to loosen...

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Sober Sober Curious

Sober or Sober Curious: Which Term to Use and Why?

Sober or Sober Curious: Which Term to Use and Why? With the rapid rise of the sober curious movement within the last five years, we've...

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Mocktail Recipe The Botanist

Recipe: The Botanist

Sip, serve, and show off this elegant, non-alcoholic cocktail at your next event (or party of one)! Ingredients: 5oz Prima Pave Blanc de Blancs 2oz...

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