The Story Behind Dri/Kit: Meet Our Founder

There's always a story behind every brand. 

Dri/kit was born from a desire to highlight the best dry drinks on the market and bring the mixology experience straight to your doorstep. But where did the inspiration come from, and why? 

Join us as we dive into the story of Elizabeth Levitt, the driving force behind Dri/kit. 

No stranger to events that turned into late hours of the night, Elizabeth spent most of her 20s working in the wine and spirits industry. Following a pivotal moment that prompted her to reevaluate the role alcohol played in her life, she recognized that drinking no longer aligned with her core values. 

Elizabeth set out to find an alternative way for more people to enjoy tasty cocktails without the sluggish mornings that often accompanied a night of drinking.

At what point did you start to examine your relationship with alcohol?

The first time I became aware of my relationship with alcohol was when I was preparing for my wedding. Although I was working in the alcohol industry, I stopped drinking for three months as a part of my diet and exercise plan. 

It wasn't a full reevaluation but more of an observation. Afterward, I learned that I didn't really miss alcohol during those three months and had felt much better without it. Even after this observation, though, I went back to drinking after the wedding. 

My much larger reevaluation came when my husband became sober in early 2022. We had completely removed alcohol from our house, and I would still drink a little in social situations. What I learned was that when I would drink, it didn't feel "worth it" anymore. I didn't feel like I was gaining much benefit from drinking, and it didn't make me feel like I was supporting my husband in the best way I could.

What was the most challenging part about working in an industry that no longer aligned with your values?

I felt like I was leading a double life. I wouldn't drink at home as my husband was sober, but then I would go to work and market spirit products. 

In my personal life, we were navigating together my husband's journey in recovery, but I was still constantly surrounded by alcohol. 

Working in the spirits industry, you were almost required to have a cocktail in your hand at all work events. I started to view alcohol as the enemy, the source of a lot of pain and chaos. 

My husband had always told me our paths were different, and I could still drink if I wanted to. But it still didn't feel right to me. My husband was so supportive, and I wanted to be the best support system possible for him too.

How did your relationship with your husband change after you removed alcohol from your house?

The first six months were a little chaotic and confusing as we learned how to navigate this new journey together, but now our relationship has only improved. 

To be honest, removing alcohol from our lives was great for our relationship. 

We established healthy routines together, like morning walks with the dogs and going to the farmers market. I had spent years trying to get him to go to my hot yoga studio, and now he goes even more than me, and the instructors know his name and not mine! 

We rediscovered the activities we enjoyed doing together and now have a more solid foundation based on healthier habits.

It's still a journey and a process, but we are stronger than ever and continue to grow closer. 

Did the dynamic with your friends shift when you reduced your alcohol consumption? 

The dynamic with my close friends didn't change too much. They are really supportive of my new lifestyle and my husband's sobriety. And they order cocktail kits from Dri/kit too! 

A lot of my girlfriends are having kids right now, so it's great camaraderie in not drinking. Plus, I can introduce them to enjoyable, pregnancy-safe NA options!

I still get questions and offhand comments from friends and acquaintances who are a step outside of my close circle. It's mostly the typical "Why aren't you drinking?" or "Just one drink won't hurt you" remarks. 

I'm not too bothered by those moments because I'm confident in my decision. I believe those types of comments reflect more on that person's insecurities with their own drinking habits. 

I definitely feel at peace knowing that my close friends know that I don't judge their relationships with alcohol, and they don't judge mine.

What was the main thing you noticed when you stopped drinking?

I feel so much better when I'm not drinking! My sleep is better, and my anxiety has significantly decreased. I also love both the mental and physical benefits of no more hangovers. It's like being given the gift of time (ha)!

At what point in your life did you consume the most alcohol?

Definitely in college, as I was in a sorority, and all social gatherings revolved around alcohol. A lot of partying consisted of binge drinking, which was super fun at the time but, in hindsight, extremely reckless. 

When you're younger, your body rebounds much better, reducing the consequences that affect most people my age now. Partying was a coping mechanism, and everyone was doing it. 

How would you label your relationship with alcohol now?

I would consider myself a mindful drinker. I don't really drink that often, as I even feel the effect alcohol has on me after just one glass. 

I haven't been a heavy drinker since college and was over partying by the time I turned 25, so it wasn't so much scaling back from overconsumption.

More so, that nightly ritual of pouring a glass of wine is no longer part of my routine. I sometimes have a glass of wine, but I'm still asking myself what is a good reason to keep drinking alcohol when there are so many tasty and healthier alternatives available.

 What is your new nightly ritual?

I spent about ten months without alcohol or any alcohol alternative, and I found that if I missed anything, it was the ritual of enjoying a glass of wine. Now I love pouring a glass of Joyus or Sovi into a wine glass and cooking a beautiful dinner.

What's your go-to Sunday plan now?

On Sundays (and most days), I love waking up early and walking with my husband and our two pups, River and Fynn. We go to our favorite local coffee shop, Blue Butterfly, and then take the dogs to run around at the park. 

I love resting and recharging on Sundays to prep for the week ahead. Sometimes that means going to yoga and relaxing with a book, or cleaning the house and running errands.

What are your simple pleasures in life?

I love working out (hot yoga & SoulCycle) and walking my dogs at the beach. I live about a mile from the water, so I love getting over there as much as possible. 

At night, my favorite ways to unwind are watching a really good TV series and reading on my Kindle.

If you had to choose, what would be your favorite NA cocktail?

My favorite NA cocktail is a new one we have yet to launch! It's called The Blue Butterfly, after my favorite local coffee shop, and it's delicious.

One of the key ingredients in this one is blue butterfly pea tea, which not only tastes wonderful, but it's also fun because the drink is blue. It also involves lavender lemonade, which adds the perfect amount of sweetness. 

I can't wait for everyone to try it!

What's your favorite meal, and what NA drink would accompany it?

I can't choose just one! It's a tie between amazing sushi from Sugarfish and brie + bread. I would pair Sovi Sparkling White with sushi and I would pair Joyus Cabernet Sauvignon with bread and cheese. I'm a sucker for a good wine + cheese board combo! 

What would you tell someone curious about giving up alcohol (either forever or temporarily)?

I would tell them to try abstaining from alcohol for a decent chunk of time to observe how they feel. It is similar to removing any other toxic substance/food/habit from your daily routine and watching what happens. 

Giving up alcohol for a bit makes you more aware of your mind and body, giving you space for self-reflection. Maybe you realize you don't need it as much as you thought, or perhaps you learn to become more mindful when you do choose to partake. 

Everyone's journey and relationship with alcohol are so different, so it is up to each individual to recognize what is healthiest for them. 

Interview by: Elena Rogers

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