What to Bring to a Get-Together That Isn't Alcohol

You just received an invitation to your friend's birthday party she's hosting at her house. You're excited but have no idea what to bring. 

In previous years, you would always pick up a nice bottle of wine from your local wine and liquor store, slide it into a shimmery gift bottle bag, write a brief but heartfelt note on the tag, and call it a day. 

But now, your mindset around alcohol has changed and no longer aligns with your lifestyle. Even your friend has mentioned to you recently that she's exploring more ways to enjoy alcohol-free nights.    

You want to bring something different, something a little more unique and thoughtful, but you need some inspiration. You’re looking for a gift that will have your friend (and all the party guests) thanking you for your kindness. 

We're sharing seven of our favorite gift ideas to help you show up to any party prepared, no matter the occasion. 

Even though we know that the intention behind the gift matters more than the actual gift, if you show up with a pretty stellar present, we're confident your host will be extra grateful. 

#1 Homemade Snacks 

Who doesn't enjoy a good snack at a party? And no, we're not talking about grabbing a party-sized bag of Tostitos and medium chunky red salsa. Save that tasty duo for hosting a movie night at home.

Plenty of recipes for homemade snacks only require a little preparation but show the extra effort you put in. 

When you make something from scratch, you add your personal touch, making the snack even more special and memorable for everyone.

Also, you have more control over the snack ingredients, choosing to make it as unhealthy or as healthy as you wish. You can make options that cater to different dietary restrictions and preferences. 

#2 Games

Games are not just for kids! Depending on what type of party you're attending, bringing a game is a creative way for everyone to have some wholesome fun. 

You can bring a board game, a card game, or a game to play in the yard. And no, we're not talking about drinking games. When choosing not to drink at a party, sometimes there's too much focus on why some people aren't drinking. Everyone can enjoy these games; whether your cups are filled with booze or an alcohol-free alternative makes no difference. 

If you're a tight-knit group, bringing a game that challenges you to get deeper is a great way to create memories and build stronger bonds. We're Not Really Strangers is our favorite game to get the conversation going. Want to keep things light? Cards Against Humanity is always a good crowd-pleaser. 

Outdoor games are also a great option when heading to a party with a yard. Bringing Cornhole, Spikeball, Can Jam, and even a classic Frisbee will get the guests up and moving.

#3 Plants and Flowers

Showing up with a plant or a flower is guaranteed to have your host smiling even wider when they greet you at the door. 

Plants and flowers can brighten up any space and add a natural touch to the host's home. Both options come in various types, sizes, colors, and price points, making them versatile gift options. 

Unlike food or drink items, plants and flowers can last several days or weeks with proper care. 

They serve as a reminder of the party, even after everything else has been cleaned up. 

Did you know that all plants and flowers have symbolic meanings? 

By choosing a plant or flower with a specific meaning, such as friendship, love, appreciation, or good luck, you add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your gift. 

Different colors of the same flowers, such as tulips, can have distinct symbolisms. Sharing the meaning behind the flowers with your host will make them feel extra appreciated that day. 

If you're unsure whether your host can care for plants (hey, no judgment here, some of us just aren't gifted in this area), opt for a bouquet of flowers. 

#4 Dri/kit 

Maybe the host mentioned that she's trying to cut back on her drinking, or you know several of the other guests are exploring becoming sober curious. 

Why not bring a gift for those wanting a delicious cocktail without the stress of waking up with a hangover? 

Order a Dri/kit and receive a beautifully curated box with premium alcohol-free beverages. Dri/kit removes all the guesswork, so you don't need to worry about the quality or taste of the alcohol-free wines and spirits included. 

#5 Disposable Cameras 

Let's take it back to the 90s. Pick up a few disposable cameras for everyone to use throughout the night. 

Disposable cameras have a retro feel, encourage fun, and add nostalgia. They inspire people to capture candid and spontaneous moments. Encourage all guests to get creative with their pictures. No need to snag the perfect pose; just have some fun. 

By bringing disposable cameras, you create a sense of anticipation and excitement even after the party ends. Once you develop the pictures, you can relive the moments together again. 

#6 Costume Props

Who doesn't enjoy wearing a silly hat or adding a few glittery gems to their face? 

Costume props can help create a fun and festive atmosphere, especially if the party has a specific theme or dress code. Bringing props encourages guests to get into character and participate in the party activities, leading to a more immersive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

We recommend bringing fun stickers, party hats, temporary tattoos, glitter, sequins, or face-painting kits. 

There are many different types, styles, and themes of costume props, making them a versatile option for parties of all kinds. They can be chosen to fit a specific theme or to add a fun and playful element to the party.

#7 Goody Bags

When was the last time you received a goody bag? 

Make a lasting impression and curate small bags with treats for all party guests. Add an element of surprise and excitement, as goody bags are usually unexpected additions to the end of a party. 

Help out the host with a small gesture that goes a long way in making guests feel valued and appreciated. 

Goody bags also can serve as mementos, allowing the guests to take home a piece of the night with them and keep the good vibes going. Depending on the party theme, you can get creative with the small gifts you put into the goody bag. 

Our favorite is creating a goody bag to help everyone if we celebrate past bedtime and need a little support that evening or the following day. Put together tins of mints, travel-sized packs of ibuprofen, and electrolytes packets in small gift bags. Guaranteed a few attendees will be thanking you the day after. 

We hope we've inspired you to get a little creative and bring a gift that will have everyone thanking you for your thoughtfulness! 

Written by: Elena Rogers

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