Sober-Curious Fun Fall Activities

As the air gets crisp and the trees swap their summer wardrobe for cozy hues, it's time to dive into the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice. But wait, hold up. Before you think that the only way to welcome a new change of season is with a new rotation of drinks, we're here to remind you that enjoying autumn doesn't require a sip of alcohol. 

Why not try something different this year instead of heading to a local vineyard? We've brewed up, no pun intended, a list of seven exciting fall activities that'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside without the hard stuff. So, grab your flannels, and let's begin!

1. Apple Picking 

What better way to welcome fall than visiting an apple orchard with your friends? Spend time learning about all the different apple varieties, as most orchards carry many more types than your local grocery store, and have fun as you explore the orchard. Think of it as almost a mini treasure hunt as you search for your new favorite apple. 

Also, when was the last time you picked your own food straight from the source? Apple picking is like reconnecting with the earth. You're getting a taste (quite literally) of the season's offerings. Plus, the crispness of the air matches the crispness of the apples, creating a feel-good experience. 

You'll return home filled with a basket of delicious apples, fun memories, and maybe a cute pic or two. 

2. Day Hike

Who doesn't love a kaleidoscope of fall colors paired with the perfect temperature? Gone are the days of summer's scorching heat, and winter's icy grip hasn't quite taken hold yet. Fall hits that sweet spot – the temperature where you can hike without breaking a sweat or freezing your toes off. 

Remember, a day hike isn't just about the walking – it's about the well-deserved pit stops, too! There's something so satisfying about taking a break amidst nature's beauty and indulging in tasty snacks that give you fuel for what's to come. 

If you're really feeling adventurous this year, rent a cabin and enjoy a weekend of nature. Whether you're seeking adrenaline-packed activities or leisurely strolls through golden-hued forests, a cabin serves as your home base for unforgettable getaways.

3. State Fairs

Many state fairs are events that go back over 100 years and are rich in history and traditions. In the beginning, farmers attended fairs to showcase their animals (queue Charlotte's Web memories) in hopes of taking home a prize. Agricultural technology often debuted at fairs as well, and as years progressed, fairs celebrated art, crafts, baking, and quilting competitions.

Nowadays, fairs are a fantastic way to explore food creations that range from the classics to outrageous. Picture deep-fried Oreos, bacon-wrapped everything, and a lot of pies. 

If indulging in crazy food concoctions isn't your thing, walk around the fairgrounds and hop on a ride. Rides are essential to the fair experience, where you can let your inner child run wild. From Ferris wheels that offer a bird's-eye view of the fairgrounds to roller coasters that send your heart racing, there's bound to be a ride for everyone. 

Fairs are also a haven for artists, creators, and buyers. Stroll through rows of art exhibits showcasing the talents of local painters, sculptors, and artisans. It might be the ideal place to start your holiday shopping early! 

Most state fairs tend to be during the summer and fall months, so if the closest state fair to you isn't until next year, check out what fall-themed festivals are near you and make a trip out of it.

4. Run a 5k Race

Races aren't just about the competition; they're about the camaraderie. There's a sense of community in the air – runners of all levels coming together to challenge themselves, cheer each other on, and celebrate their achievements. Whether you're a seasoned racer or just starting, the collective spirit of the event creates an atmosphere of encouragement. 

Autumn's cooler weather makes it an ideal time to get outdoors and appreciate the weather while also getting a good workout in. Sign up for a fall 5K or the Turkey Trot and start training today. It'll be a fun (and productive!) way to appreciate the change in season and have an excuse to get more time outdoors before it gets too cold.

5. Spooky Season Tours

Fall is the season of all things spooky and mysterious, making ghost tours and cemetery visits unusual activities that embrace the spirit of the season. 

Whether you're a true believer in the paranormal or simply a lover of thrilling tales, these activities offer a unique way to celebrate autumn as they are immersive experiences. The setting itself contributes to the ambiance of mystery. It's like stepping into a real-life ghost story where you're both the audience and the participant.

6. Clothing Swap

Fall is a time of transition, where we say goodbye to lightweight summer outfits and welcome cozy layers. Hosting a clothing swap is like orchestrating a seamless wardrobe transition. Your friends might have pieces that no longer fit their style or needs but could be the perfect addition to your fall outfits. It's a chance to give your wardrobe a seasonal update without spending a dime.

That flowy dress your friend owned? Pair them with your cowboy boots for a flirty but comfy outfit. Those jeans you've always admired? They could be your go-to pair for all the dates you'll have before cuffing season.

Clothing swaps also promote sustainability by giving pre-loved pieces a new home. Instead of adding to the fast fashion cycle, you're participating in a stylish form of recycling. It's like giving your wardrobe a mindful makeover while minimizing your fashion footprint. 

7. Pie Bake Off

There's something wholesome about being in the kitchen during fall—the heat from the oven, the aroma of spices, and the feeling of creating comfort food that warms the heart and the belly. From juicy apples and pears to plump pumpkins and rich pecans, there are always various in-season ingredients to choose from. 

Spend a rainy day with your friends indoors and enjoy being creative. Exchange stories as you swap recipes, craft unique flavor combinations, and learn from each other. Every moment is a reminder of the magic that comes from sharing experiences together. 

Written by: Elena Rogers

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