Corporate Gifting: How to Show Appreciation

Corporate gifting is a beautiful way to strengthen your relationship with clients or employees. After all, who doesn't enjoy receiving a gift? By understanding what gift to give and when, you can make corporate gifting a healthy practice for your business. 

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is the act of giving gifts to people who have an impact on your business. Corporate gifting shows appreciation and helps build a business relationship. Gifts can range from small, inexpensive items such as branded pens, calendars, or promotional merchandise to more substantial and personalized gifts such as gift baskets, sets, or luxury items. 

Whether they're your new clients or long-term employees, choosing appropriate and thoughtful gifts that align with your brand image and values and, equally importantly, align with the recipients' preferences is essential. 

Corporate gifting for clients

Corporate gifting is a tangible way to express gratitude and appreciation for your client's loyalty and continued partnership. Happy clients are more likely to stay loyal to your business, especially when you take the time to show how much you value them and go the extra mile to make them feel special. 

A gift can be given at any time across the entire sales pipeline. From when you first start a conversation with a potential client to closing a deal or celebrating a significant milestone, you can always find a reason to give a meaningful gift.

However, we recommend avoiding gifting to influence someone's decision. You always want the gift to reflect your brand positively and speak authentically about your intentions. 

Corporate gifting allows you to reinforce your brand's image as one that values its clients, in addition to helping differentiate yourself. Sending personalized, high-quality gifts to clients can set your brand apart, showing you are willing to invest in the relationship and go beyond surface-level transactions. 

Gifting also helps increase referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Clients who receive memorable gifts are more inclined to talk about their positive experiences with you, which can create a ripple effect and lead to new client referrals. 

When clients reach significant milestones in their partnership with your company, such as signing a long-term contract, completing a successful project, or hitting goals, recognizing these moments is important. Not only are you showing your appreciation, but you also are celebrating shared successes, which positively impacts everyone involved. 

Although it's always more fun to give a gift to celebrate a win, acknowledge someone's hard work, or say thank you for their business, sometimes a gift is needed as an apology. 

Maybe a business pitch did not go well, or a mix-up happened, causing tension in an existing business relationship. While the gesture itself won't necessarily solve all the issues, it can serve as a meaningful step toward reconciliation and rebuilding trust. 

When conflicts or misunderstandings occur, trust can be damaged. It's imperative to restore confidence in your partnership, as trust is essential in business. A well-thought gift demonstrates that your apology is sincere and heartfelt. 

Apology gifts can also turn a negative situation into a positive one. They can help shift the focus from the conflict to the resolution and future collaboration. Just make sure to select thoughtful gifts and keep them professional. While the gift is a gesture of goodwill, it should still be appropriate, and you should be transparent about your intentions. 

Corporate gifting for employees

Corporate gifting significantly enhances employee satisfaction, motivation, and overall well-being within the workplace. Gifts serve as tangible expressions of appreciation and recognition for employees' hard work, dedication, and contributions. 

A thoughtful gift can significantly boost employee morale and make them feel valued. When employees feel valued, they are less likely to quit. High turnover rates can be costly for businesses, so by creating a connection with your employees beyond a transactional relationship, they're more likely to stay. 

Employee anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones are great occasions to celebrate. Corporate gifts on such occasions mark these events and make employees feel cherished and valued. 

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets. When you intentionally create a positive work culture that recognizes your employees, satisfaction increases and contributes to overall organizational success. 

Corporate gifting during the holiday season 

The holiday season is a time of connection. When you give a gift that says, "We appreciate you, and we value our relationship," you acknowledge your clients' and employees' support and contribution, building a connection between both parties. 

Giving a gift during the holiday season also creates positive associations that carry over into the following year. If your gift is personalized and meaningful, the act of kindness shows that you care about your business relationships. As this time of year is associated with joy, gratitude, and appreciation, your gift can also mark a special moment. 

As December is usually the busiest month for corporate gifting, you're more likely to be remembered when you give a gift that shows you've taken time to think about the recipient. You also help raise morale and end the year on a high note. 

Remember, quality over quantity. Giving a gift that reflects your brand's values conveys a sense of integrity and professionalism. Consider how you want to express gratitude and appreciation for everyone who is essential to your business. 

When done with a genuine spirit of giving, your corporate gifts will make a lasting impression. 

Written by: Elena Rogers

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