The Lover's Buzz

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Turn on your taste buds for an experience like never before. Our Valentine’s Day kit, The Lover's Buzz, will have you saying “you taste so good” more than once. Heighten your senses, stimulate your mind, and bring on a tingle from head to toe with a mocktail that’ll keep you buzzin’ all night long. 

Your kit includes a bottle of Bonbuz Bittersweet Citron, Cheeky Cocktails cranberry syrup, Cheeky Cocktails lime juice, Root Elixirs Ginger Beer, and a garnish of effervescent buzz buttons (best described as magic in your mouth). 

Indulge solo or treat your lover, the choice is yours.

Step 1: Pour 1.5oz Bittersweet Citron, .5oz cranberry syrup,
and .5oz lime juice into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake.

Step 2: Pour into any glass over ice then top with 1.5oz ginger beer.

Step 3: Garnish with a buzz button and get ready for the effervescent effects! Enjoy!

All products in this kit are non-alcoholic and contain 0% ABV.

Bonbuz spirit: If you are pregnant or nursing, please consult with a physician before consuming this product. For more info, see Bonbuz's website.

Spilanthes Flowers, aka "buzz buttons", add a little zing to your mocktail as a fun garnish.

To use: Crack open the flower with your teeth and tuck it into your cheek. You can alternate between holding in your cheek and chewing. Option to place it between your lips to feel the "buzz". These flowers can also be muddled into your cocktail or used in a foam.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational and informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical or nutritional advice. Many herbal products have side effects and can interact with prescription medication. We are not doctors and accept no liability for complications from consuming this herbal product. If you are pregnant, on medication, or suffering from an illness, please consult a physician before consuming.

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