The Blue Butterfly

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Mix, sip, and drift off into a state of relaxation with The Blue Butterfly. The soothing notes of lavender, blueberry, butterfly pea flower, and tulsi will bring tranquility to your day. 

The harmonious blend of ingredients is paired with a crisp gin alternative base, creating a perfect combination of refreshing and sweet with a touch of citrus. Your kit contains one bottle of Ritual zero-proof gin, one bottle of Wood Stove Kitchen blueberry and lavender mixer, one box of Big Heart Teas minty blue butterfly pea tea sachets, one bottle of Bea's Squeeze lavender lemonade, and an optional add on of Flouwer Co. French lavender finishing sugar.
  • Step 1: Brew butterfly pea tea according to instructions and let cool.
  • Step 2: Pour 2oz gin, 1oz blueberry & lavender mixer, 1oz brewed tea, and 2oz lavender lemonade into
    a cocktail shaker with ice and shake.
  • Step 3: Pour into coupe glass & enjoy!

All products in this kit are non-alcoholic and contain 0% ABV.

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Whether we’re meeting with friends or attending an event, we’re expected to have a drink in hand. After countless forgotten conversations and hellish hangovers, the choice between sipping down seltzer or skipping events all together wasn’t going to cut it.


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