5 Ways to Have a Fun Sober Summer with Your Besties

Who says you need to get buzzed to feel the summer vibes? 

It’s time to celebrate Dry July!

We often associate summer with catching up with our besties over a glass of rose or an iced cold beer by the pool, but socializing doesn't need to equate to always drinking together.

Summer is a beautiful time to explore new activities that get you out of your comfort zone.

Below, we've rounded up five of our favorite activities to try out with your besties next time you make a plan. 


Hiking doesn't require a single drop of alcohol.

When you hit the trails with your girlfriends, you're not just getting a workout in; you're treating yourself to a natural high! 

Being in nature, surrounded by greenery and fresh air, increases your well-being. The surge of endorphins you'll feel will rival any cocktail-induced buzz. 

Nature rejuvenates the soul, and hiking provides the perfect opportunity to soak up those positive vibes.

As you trek together, you'll have plenty of time to chat, share stories, and laugh your hearts out. The absence of alcohol allows for genuine connections and deeper conversations.

When you reach the summit, take a moment to pause. Appreciate the beauty around you, and revel in the serenity of the great outdoors surrounded by your besties. 

It's a chance to reconnect with your senses, be present, and create memories that will stay etched in your heart.

Hiking is also a full-body workout that gets your heart pumping, muscles working, and calories burning. And what better way to refuel after a satisfying climb to the summit than with a picnic?

Pack a spread of healthy sandwiches, refreshing fruits, tasty snacks, and a six-pack of your favorite NA drink. 

Enjoy the scenery, savor every sip, and appreciate the moment.

Arts & Crafts

When it comes to bonding with your girlfriends, who doesn't enjoy a trip down memory lane with the magic of arts and crafts? Just because you might no longer be in elementary art class together doesn't mean the creativity has to end!

Arts and crafts allow you to tap into your creative side and unleash your inner Picasso without the need for liquid inspiration. 

Whether it's painting, drawing, pottery, or any other artistic pursuit, you can explore different mediums and express yourself in unique ways. 

Let your imagination run wild as you experiment with colors, textures, and techniques. Who knows, you might discover hidden talents and create masterpieces together!

Don't be surprised if your arts and crafts sessions are filled with laughter, giggles, and a touch of creative chaos. 

Embrace the messiness and the hilarity that ensues. After all, the shared moments of happiness and spontaneous laughter make these experiences unforgettable.

Also, one of the joys of arts and crafts is the ability to create personalized and meaningful gifts for your loved ones. 

Channel your creativity into crafting handmade cards, custom jewelry, or even beautifully decorated photo frames. 

These heartfelt creations make for cherished presents that carry a piece of your friendship within them. 


Cooking up a storm in the kitchen with your girlfriends is a fantastic way to bond and create mouthwatering memories. 

Channel your inner master chef, and don't be afraid to get a little competitive! A little healthy competition never hurts, especially when a summer soiree is the result.

Pair off into teams, assign roles, and begin the countdown! 

Culinary mishaps might happen when you're rushing around under a tight deadline, but accept the messiness. 2 tbsp of salt instead of 1 tsp? Oops! 

Tackle challenges together as you navigate the kitchen, and try to avoid getting too snappy with each other if something doesn't go to plan!

The shared laughter and light-hearted moments will be the secret ingredient that makes your dishes even more flavorful. 

A cook-off is also an excellent opportunity for recipe sharing or the exchange of culinary secrets. 

Each friend can showcase their signature dish or share family recipes passed down through generations. 

You'll discover new techniques, secret ingredients, and ingenious hacks as you learn from one another. 

Don't forget the beverages! We like to cook with The Social Sampler + bring extras for friends to try! 

It's a chance to expand your culinary repertoire while strengthening the bonds of friendship through the joy of sharing and learning.

A cook-off is not just about individual culinary prowess; it's about teamwork and collaboration!

Book swap

It's time to grab last summer's trashy beach reads you've stored under your bed and share them with your friends. 

A book swap opens the doors to literary escapes and imaginative journeys. 

Each friend can bring a book they love and is ready to pass on, creating a collection of diverse stories, genres, and perspectives. 

As you exchange books, you'll discover new authors, explore different worlds, and uncover new genres you might not usually read. 

A book swap sparks intellectual dialogue and sets the stage for engaging conversations.

Share your favorite quotes, debate the author's intentions, and explore the deeper meanings within the stories.


When it comes to summer activities that are both eco-friendly and fashionable, thrifting takes the crown.

Hitting the thrift stores with your girlfriends is a fantastic alcohol-free adventure that will leave you with unique finds, sustainable style, and plenty of laughter:

By shopping at thrift stores, you're giving a second life to pre-loved clothing and accessories, reducing waste, and decreasing the demand for fast fashion. 

It's a chance to embrace individual style while contributing to a more eco-friendly world. 

So, while you're having a blast with your girlfriends, you'll also be making a positive impact on the planet—now that's fashion with a purpose!

Thrifting is like going on a treasure hunt, with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 

Step into a thrift store, and you'll find racks upon racks filled with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that you won't find in traditional retail stores. 

From vintage dresses to retro handbags and quirky accessories to statement jackets, every visit is an opportunity to find a special item that perfectly reflects your style. 

The thrill of stumbling upon a true treasure is an experience you and your girlfriends won't forget. 

Try on outfits you wouldn't normally consider, experiment with bold patterns and colors, and encourage others to step out of their comfort zones. 

Feel free to loosen up with impromptu fashion shows and silly poses. And don't forget to snag a few photos for the 'gram.

Embrace Dry July and let these non-alcoholic adventures fill your summer with laughter and unforgettable moments. 

We’re certain it’ll be an extra special sun-soaked season. 

Written by: Elena Rogers

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